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As ADR grows in popularity as an alternative to protracted litigation, overburdened court calendars, and the demands of clients looking for a quicker, more cost effective method of resolving disputes privately; many excellent attorneys will find themselves faced with representing clients in these unfamiliar proceedings. 

Experience is often the key factor in bringing these cases to a successful conclusion for the client.  When it comes to ADR experience, Terrence Croft's knowledge gained from resolving over 3,000 disputes makes him the right choice to assist you in successfully resolving your client's case

Among the services offered to assist you in your mediation and arbitration efforts are:

Consultant: Terrence will consult with you about any ADR issues, including whether and when to mediate or arbitrate, neutral selection, provider selection, preparation for the hearing, preparation of the neutral, effective mediation statements and conferences with the mediator, and arbitration briefs.

Coach: Drawing on his decades of experience as a trial lawyer, mediator and arbitrator, special master and umpire, Terrence will answer your questions about ADR in your case and assist you with your strategic ADR planning and decisions.

Terrence Lee Croft, Esq.


I have, on multiple occasions, associated Terrence as a litigator, referred clients to him for litigation, served with him as co-counsel in mediation and litigation and been before him in his capacity as a mediator and arbitrator. I have always been impressed with his ability to analyze the problem, keep everyone's attention focused on the solution and, as a result, achieve positive results. I highly recommend him as a litigator or mediator/arbitrator.



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